JOVA Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater

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Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater

Jova dry type heater is economical, independent from the engine and works stable to the vehicle. It picks up the cold air, warms it up, and does it with clever engineering, even in the standby vehicle.

Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

For many businesses, a hot truck that make commercial transportation provides a serious advantage before starting work. You do not need to keep the vehicle running or wait for the engine to start and warm you up. With Jova Heater heating solutions, you can provide warming comfort in the vehicle cabin 24/7. This technology, which is an engineering wonder and 100% domestic production, takes the cold air in your vehicle and gives it back to you.

Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

Jova Heater mounts quickly in your vehicle. It can operate with 12/24 Volt, which provides you with a smooth transition in a future vehicle change. Jova Heater works smoothly even in cold weather up to -30 degrees. It adapts to your vehicle electromagnetically and continues to heat without error and without interruption in high altitude areas.

Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

Under normal conditions, while you are loading / unloading, your vehicle will have negative consequences on both fuel consumption and the use of engine life, if your vehicle is in standby. With Jova Heater, engine life will be extended, and you will save fuel since the engine will not run unnecessarily.

When your vehicle’s engine is stopped,
Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater gets activated!

  • Efficient operation at every altitude and harsh weather conditions without any additional equipment.
  • The spark plug does not ignite without sensing fuel, this protects the battery and provides efficiency.
  • Jova does not blow air unless reaches to the required temperature.
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The production procedures of ISO 9001: 2008 are followed for manufacturing the CE certificated heater.

%100 Domestic Production

Why Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater?
Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

Trucks are important business tools used by businesses in transportation. Warming is a common requirement of all of us. We are aware that you also attach importance to your in-car comfort in this direction.

Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

We know that you dream of having your car warm before you start working on a cold day. We thought, designed and produced this problem for you. We produced the Jova Heater to offer you quality and savings, increase employee productivity, and put you ahead of your competitors.

Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater for Trucks

With Jova Heater Solutions, you can keep your car cabin warm at any time and temperature you want without using your vehicle’s engine. You can see that productivity has increased by getting into a hot vehicle while starting work.

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