JOVA Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater

JOVA Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater | Your Winter Sun

100% Domestic Production with KNK Group Assurance

What is
Jova Heater?

You do not have to run the engine to keep your vehicle warm.

The KNK Group proudly presents the Jova dry cabin heater that warms the driver's cabin and the cargo compartment economically and comfortably.

Fuel Sensor Technology

The spark plug does not ignite without sensing fuel, this protects the battery and provides efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

Our product considers both your budget and the environment. All parts are manufactured according to the recycling procedures.

Digital Control

Purpose-oriented 2 different user-friendly management control unit options.

The production procedures of ISO 9001: 2008 are followed for manufacturing the CE certificated heater.

%100 Domestic Production

KNK Group Assurance

Why Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater?

The Jova Dry Cabin Heater, fixed in the vehicle, operates economically and independent from the engine. The intelligent engineering beside the Jova Dry Cabin Heater provides warming without running the vehicle's engine.

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