JOVA Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater

JOVA Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater | Your Winter Sun

Jova Heater Marine Heating System
What a Cold Weather and How Hot a Boat!

Jova Heater

Do not worry about sudden air drops on your boat with Jova Heater Heating Solutions. A Jova Heater Marine Heating System is all you need for a boat at ideal temperature in all seasons.

Especially in the winter months, do not let the humid and cold weather keep you away from the sea, meet this new boat companion who will easily provide you with the hot and dry air you need in all climates!

Jova Heater Marine Heating System
A warm boat = A warm home!

Marine Heating Solutions

Jova Heater Marine Heating System, which keeps your boat at ideal temperature for you, is the only product in the market with a 100% domestic product certificate. It works in all conditions and provides 20% less energy consumption than its competitors. Technical support and maintenance costs are very low because they are domestic, and all parts are guaranteed for 2 years. You will no longer want to leave your boat in cold wea.

KNK Group Assurance

Who Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater?

The Jova Dry Cabin Heater, fixed in the vehicle, operates economically and independent from the engine. The intelligent engineering beside the Jova Dry Cabin Heater provides warming without running the vehicle's engine.

Jova Heater Marine Heating System
The temperature of your boat is under control

Increased Quality of Life

The common wish of boat enthusiasts; to ensure the quality of life on the boats in the summer months, also in the winter months. For this, meet the Jova Heater Marine Heating System that is;

  • providing the hot and dry air you need uninterruptedly and silently,
  • with low energy consumption, it does not upset your budget,
  • saving you time with its fast and easy installation,
  • an imaginary product that brings the environment to the desired temperature without coming to the caravan and starting the vehicle thanks to the day and time adjustment.

Jova Heater Marin Heating System that will help you spend quality time in your boat.

The production procedures of ISO 9001: 2008 are followed for manufacturing the CE certificated heater.

%100 Domestic Production

Why Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater?
Both pocket and environmentally friendly, domestic production.

At the time and the temperature, you want!

After a little trip or a nice meal, you come to your boat, you will not like it when an icy boat welcomes you. Your dream of a warm boat comes true with Jova Heater Marine Heating System. You plan on what day and time you want your boat to be at what temperature, the Jova Heater Marine Heating System will meet you with a boat whenever you want, moreover, it will do all this without starting the engine and with very low energy consumption.

Jova Heater Marine Heating System

For us and sea lovers, pollution of the seas is unacceptable, Jova Heater Heating Solutions support recycling with sustainable and environmentally friendly production. All parts are produced in accordance with recycling.

Jova Heater designed and produced in production facilities with 100% Domestic Production, CE certificate and ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, supports you and the national economy.

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