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Jova Heater Defense Industry Heating Solutions
With advanced technology, Jove Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater aims to provide the same level of development for the defense industry to the security forces.

Savunma Sanayii için We produce Cabin Heating Solutions for the Defense Industry.

We are aware of the challenges in the military field and we work 24/7 to take one of these challenges from you and offer you the quality. We help the defense forces to ease their struggle against harsh climatic conditions and focus on their real work

Why Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater?

  • It works smoothly up to -30 degrees.
  • Provides ideal cabin temperature in high altitude regions.
  • Provides comfortable warmth to the vehicle during break and waiting times.
  • With the additional temperature sensor, your cabin temperature always remains constant.
  • Day and time can be adjusted with the digital control.
  • Since it does not take power from the engine, it provides extra fuel savings.
  • 100% domestic product certificate.

We promise to be the sun rising after heavy snow and to warm you without any problems. It works smoothly without starting the vehicle in cold weather up to -30 degrees and high-altitude areas. It maintains the cabin temperature of the vehicle in a balanced way. It is magnetically compatible with the military vehicle and provides uninterrupted heating.

Jova Heater

Military Qualification Documents

When Military Vehicle Engine Stops
Jova Heater Gets Activated!

  • Works efficiently at any altitude and in difficult weather conditions without the need for additional equipment.
  • Thanks to the fuel sensor, the spark plug does not burn without seeing the fuel, does not run idle, does not tire the battery.
  • Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater does not blow before the air in it gets hot and does not make military personnel cold.
Compliance with Military Standards


of Jova Dry Type Cabin Heater

Jova Heater Dry Type Cabin Heater is a perfect solution for all types of commercial vehicles. Jova Heater is activated when the engine of your vehicle stops.

Our product provides coziness during breaks and waits, lowers your costs.
It operates independently from the vehicle’s engine and is very silent.
It warms for a long time with low fuel consumption.
It keeps the cabin temperature constant with the additional temperature sensor.
It gets fuel from the vehicle’s fuel tank or from an additional fuel tank.
It brings the environment to the desired temperature without getting into the vehicle, thanks to the day and time adjustment from the digital control.
Fuel Sensor Technology

The spark plug does not ignite without sensing fuel, this protects the battery and provides efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly

Our product considers both your budget and the environment. All parts are manufactured according to the recycling procedures.

Digital Control

Purpose-oriented 2 different user-friendly management control unit options.

Jova Heater

Compliance with Military Standards!

Jove Heater Military Heating Solutions: In order to increase the engine life of military vehicles and to contribute to the national capital by providing 20% extra fuel savings compared to its competitors, it is the only interior heating solution developed by Turkish engineers and has a 100% domestic product certificate.

Thanks to its special hardware design, it is produced in accordance with the defense industry and military standards.

Jova Heater Compliance with Military Standards
Jova Heater Compliance with Military Standards
Jova Heater Compliance with Military Standards
Jova Heater Compliance with Military Standards

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